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Schedule for Spring 2019 Academy

Class Time: 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

Day One – Introduction to Quality, Introduction to the System of Profound Knowledge® and Project Selection and Initiation (Friday, March 8)
Day Two – Voice of the Customer (Fri, March 22)
Day Three – Appreciation for a System (Friday, April 5)
Day Four – Understanding Variation, Measurement (Friday, April 19)
Day Five – Psychology (Friday, May 3)
Day Six – Transformation and Capstone Project Presentations (Friday, May 17)




Our aim is to teach participants the fundamentals of quality systems, including quality management, continuous improvement, innovation and leadership exemplified in the System of Profound Knowledge®.

We help participants learn how these principles, practices and tools can make a significant, positive difference in their professional lives and their organizations.

This is a foundation for any person or organization that desires to be a leader in quality and innovation.


Our approach is to engage the learner in their own learning, coordinated with their organization’s leadership.

We start with 4 hours of pre-work and self-study which must be done by the participants before each session.

We have six full 8 hour days of instruction face to face, spaced at least one-week apart.

We use accelerated learning/adult learning principles and practices in pre-course readings, in workshop dialogue, individual and team exercises, homework in interim weeks.

We also make our instructors available to learners and their leadership through coached team calls and provide on call advice to participants for their projects.


Once we have a minimum of fifteen (15) and up to thirty  (30) participants, we send out pre-course assessments of learning needs with the pre-course assignments.

Once the individual assessments are returned, we set a joint conference call with the learners and their leaders to develop a capstone project for each participant.

On the last day of the academy, the learners will make a presentation to their management, customers or both of their capstone project.

After the academy, we follow-up with the cohort members and their leaders or customers, to see how well they use what they have learned.

Read a recent follow-up about a Real Life CQI Academy Application by Paige Thompson and Eric Budd: Developing a Workforce with Profound Knowledge



Rates are $2000 for CQI members and $2400 for General Public. We have a team discount, 4 for the price of 3.

The cost includes all required workshop materials, continental breakfast, lunch buffets and snacks each afternoon throughout each of the six days.

Also included in the price are pre-course assessments and assignments accessible via the web, plus a flash drive with all course content.


1213 Turner St
Lansing, MI 48906

Parking is free and lodging is available nearby.

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